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Gatherings is an art and poetry based project that experiments with a cycle of giving and receiving. The project begins with 54 professional artists and 54 poets asked to contribute original work. Artists create their art on handcrafted wooden boxes. Poets write poetry for inclusion inside the boxes. The Gatherings boxes then begin to travel as each artist chooses a person to give the box to. The recipient keeps it for up to three weeks and participates by adding something inside the box that speaks to their experience during the pandemic: narrative writing, commentary, a poem, artwork, a meaningful object. That person then chooses the next recipient, and so on in a sequence of giving and receiving. The collection gathers until boxes and their contents return in September, 2020 for exhibition and sale at our partner galleries: Gail Severn Gallery in Sun Valley, ID and Patricia Rovzar Gallery in Seattle, WA. Proceeds from the sales will be donated to not-for-profit arts organizations who have established relief funds for the arts.

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