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I actively search for peace each day.  When I’m in my studio I am able to create and control my own environment.  It’s time that allows me to be curious, impulsive and free.  I can release all of my ideas, thoughts and feelings, making sense of it all through my work.  This can be exciting and exhausting, but the development of each piece is as important as the finished work.  It’s often like assembling a puzzle without knowing the image.  I find it along the way, adding and subtracting images and marks, changing the colors, until my restless mind is satisfied.  


Self taught, and in her third decade as an artist, Amy Spassov’s process has developed over the years through an exploration of different themes and mediums with a deep fascination and connection to the natural world.  Spassov works in layers using numerous tools, paint and collage as a means to assemble then deduct what is relevant. This ebb and flow allows the artist to unearth the premise of each body of work.  Through these many iterations she has captured a loyal collector base. 


Born in 1980, Spassov currently works out of her studio in Bellevue, Washington, and has exhibited across the United States and internationally.  Over the last decade she has worked on a number of corporate and private commissions and has been represented in prominent national art fairs. The artists’s work has been recognized in national publications including I Like Your Work, Studio Visit Magazine and SLICE as well as international publication ArtMaze Magazine. The artist’s work has also been featured in online publications such as Creative Boom, The Jealous Curator, and Hi-Fructose.  


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