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CURATED SELECTION by Bree Delian, Director and Head Curator of Retrospect Galleries Amelia, Marcelina Deng, Shiqing Donoghue, Lola Gimbel, Jason Lee Gouet, Adrian Han, Young Gi Ito, Kei Karg, Jorg Marriage, J. Cherie Minne, Féline Moreno, Gabriel Morris, Samantha Neonlumberjack, Ners Pennings, Marleen Raz, Ronen Sanchez, Alberto Seckel, Max Spassov, Amy Tijoux, Nicole Varmidon, Hagar Wang, Jingyi Wehle, Elise Zmpounou, Martha

May 2017 Exhibit

Beginning in May Hall Spassov Gallery is pleased to present the first two-woman exhibit with artists Gretchen Gammell and Amy Spassov. Each artist created a new body of work and each artist’s intent reveals cross over in ideals and purpose. Beauquets, the latest offerings from Gammell, is inspired and named for her baby daughter Beau. In the artist’s words, “She has refreshed my water and caused me to see all things anew. This body of work is heavily laden with rich color and textures, symbolism drawn from classic iconography, and everyday objects found in my home and neighborhood. When I began explaining the world we inhabit to my child, I found renewed meaning in the mundane and a previous


Gretchen Gammell and Amy Spassov at Hall Spassov Gallery.

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