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GRADIENT (Bunny Trouble) BOX for Gatherings Project 10in x 10in x 3in, Amy Spassov 2020

BOX BOTTOM:  Solid walnut (box base built by Artist, Erik Hall). Walnut Bunny Trouble logo decall, vinyl lettering and brass bunny decal.

BOX LID TOP: The box lid was hand painted with arcylic and mixed media. Gold painted edges. 

INSIDE LID: Walnut inlet, Resin, Spray paint, vinyl lettering with Bunny Trouble decal. 



 Gail Severn Gallery in Sun Valley, ID  September 18- October 4, 2020

 Patricia Rovzar Gallery in Seattle, WA September 1 - September 14, 2020


There are 54 Gatherings boxes. Each box and its contents are unique. The artist-made box, the accompanying handwritten poem created for this project, and its gathered contents are sold as a set on a first-come basis for $1200. All sales proceeds will be donated to benefit relief funds through Artist Trust and Idaho Commission for the Arts.


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